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    Humanist Records - the label

    We claim choice and the possibility to avoid such monstrous things. We are not pioneers, nor greatly innovating, but exultant. Since our label was founded or thought, we have been releasing high-quality vinyl records exposing the music of artists we love for who they are. We are nothing more than artisans free of sickness, those from an industry that honors us more than it spoils us. What we produce is dictated by no other voice than the one we take advantage of. We are simple craftsmen that got rid of a profound malaise, caused by an industry that in the end honors rather than affects us. We are working so that people will listen to these records and organise a range of events or projects that will contribute to develop their audience.

    We also have organized an annual festival, taking place in ever-changing venues, that presents some of the artists in our roster and some others we love. Our label is dedicated to artistic emergence in free and independent music. Also, since we are in favor of an open and challenging culture, we blame respectively the extreme community and consensual drifts that are inherent to the world of independent music.

    We live in Paris and Geneva. Our label is located in Saint-Genis-Pouilly, the city where we grew up.

    A.P & R.L. - HR

    Humanist Records - the label